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ACCURATE: You can target your advertising to a specific audience and efficiently target narrowly defined segments of the market. (Please contact our sales team for the demographic & transmission area).

COST EFFECTIVE: A 30-second ad on radio is often much less expensive and miles quicker than any other form of advertising, maximising your profits.

PORTABILITY: Radio is the only mass medium that people use while driving, cleaning the house or listening whilst at work. TV advertising requires people to sit in front of their TV and print adverts require focused attention on the page; whereas you can listen to the radio while doing other things.

COMPLIMENTARY: Radio used in conjunction with website & social media campaigns can be extremely effective, directing traffic from your advert to a website or social media.

EXPANSION: Advertising on a new station can help reach additional audience segments to help expand a business’ total market capability.

The next time you need to design an affordable advertising campaign, you should really consider Ignite Radio!
As you can expect from a 90’s radio station our core listener is the perfect age to be considered in the ABC1 purchasing / marketing demographic...

Our team will tailor make an advertising package that will ensure you have the maximum exposure to potential clients to make your business thrive. Our packages can include all aspects of the current media spectrum such as on-air advertising, website promotion, social media, sponsorship and competitions and so much more.

To find out more about advertising with Ignite Radio, please use the form below and one of the team will get in touch:

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